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ChemCave in the making


The attentive eye will notice that the sitting group has disappeared from outside the Chemistry Office and that the neighboring storage room is evacuated. Despair not; on Monday the process of transforming these empty square meters into a new social arena for the department is starting up. Until this process has come to completion, Monday 10 o´clock coffee will be served at the lunch room (3065).


oj_happy2Here is a quiz question for a wet week-end: What is smiling, making big leaps in the corridor, and carrying 5 thick books?

The answer: A PhD student on the way to handing in a thesis for evaluation!

Installation of the new 600MHz NMR instrument well under way

Installation of the new, long-heralded 600 MHz NMR-instrument has started! According to Jose, the magnet is already correctly mounted in the NNP-lab. In the picture, you can see it to the left of its big cousin, the 850 MHz instrument. two_nmr

A pump is creating the vacuum in the dewar over the weekend, and we will start cooling the magnet with liquid nitrogen and helium on Monday. After that, the exciting process of energising is starting on Wednesday, and the magnet will probably be «on field» on Friday. We are looking forward to it! Hopefully, we will not talk about Quench… Next week the last system modules will be installed: the cryo-platform, the console and the sample-jet. The system acceptance is planned by November 3rd and we are planning a grand opening on November 16!

Our old and from-time-to-time troubled 600 MHz instrument will be taken off field starting on Monday.

Look up for predatory conferences


Many of you are aware of and shun predatory open access journals whose primary goal is to extract publication fees from academic authors. Less attention is given to predatory conferences, of low quality and set up for profit, although this is a growing market. In short, these companies issue a flow of invitations to act as speakers or chairs on a wide range of conferences. I have been invited, by the same organiser, to appear as prominent speaker on conferences devoted to specific subjects covering the full breadth of chemistry, pharmacy, nanotechnology and much of technology. The organiser in mind, conferenceseries.org (conferenceseries.net, conferenceseries.com, recently also chemistryconferences.*) tries out a new subject every month.

It gets worse. One of our colleagues recently received an invitation from this organiser, incorrectly issued in the name of one of her former associates. In this way, she was deceived into signing up for and traveling to this make-belief conference. You can read more about this in På høyden.

Invitasjon til miniseminar om prøveopparbeiding for LC-MS


The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017

nobel2017_2The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017 was awarded to Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson «for developing cryo-electron microscopy for the high-resolution structure determination of biomolecules in solution». A readable account of the essence and importance of their work may be found here.



Flow chemistry

Early this year, the department got new instrumentation for flow chemistry. In the lunch seminar this week, Audun will give an introduction to the new technology, in his lecture over the self-chosen topic Enabling technologies: Flow Chemistry.


In more detail: The common laboratory glassware has in decades been the go-to tool for chemists, but it has restricted the way we conduct chemistry. New emerging technologies give the chemist improved control over reaction parameters. Flow chemistry enables new discoveries in multiple  branches of chemistry. The basic concepts of flow chemistry and its advantages are presented.  Resent developments in the field are highlighted

4D coordinates: Thursday Oct 5 at 12.15, at Tripletten (3069).

Digital Day for employees

All UiB employees are invited to participate in Digital Day in Grieghallen today, October 4th. There, UiB colleagues will present ongoing digitalization projects, tools and methods, and future digital solutions. digital_myldredag_uibno

The program consists of:

  • 20 stands from UiB groups presenting their digitalisation work
  • Talks from the stage (some in English)
  • UiB projects displayed on screens
  • Hands-on: tools and programs

Kavli-Visit to IBM@Zürich and ETH

Many will know that the Kavli prizes are very prestigious awards for the topmost research achievements in nanoscience, astrophysics and neural science, respectively. These prizes are funded and promoted by the Kavli Foundation, and the Foundation is also promoting science and scientific achievements in many other ways. zurichOne example is the Kavli Prize for Nanoscience Symposium – Atomic Force Microscopy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Co-organized by Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi and IBM Zürich, 30 Norwegian PhD-students were invited to Zürich to take part in this event, and also to meet and discuss with Nobel prize laureate Gerd Binnig and Kavli prize laureate Christoph Gerber, and other distinguished scientists. From the chemistry department, Malgorzata, Anders and Christian had the good fortune to participate, shown in the picture at the door step of IBM ThinkLab i Rüschlikon!

No BTO-visit today

Despite today being the first Tuesday of the month, we will not enjoy the company of our local TT(Technology Transfer)-officer Elisabeth Silden, due to heavy load in connection to the imminent FORNY2020 deadline (Oct 11).

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