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What does it take to make waffles?

Answer: Some ingredients, people to make the batter and cook the waffles, and a reasonably clean working space. Please feel free to use the kitchen if and only if you clean up afterward. Otherwise, make your mess at home!


Kitchen chemistry with a pinch of culinary science

If you wonder whether you really need to temper the meat before cooking, whether the cake will collapse if you´re not careful when taking it out of the oven, or whether it is possible to make an apple pie without any apples, you need to attend the guest lecture by Erik Fooladi this Monday! Together with professor in food science Anu Hopia (University of Turku, Finland), Erik has written the popsci book «A Pinch of Culinary Science: Boiling an Egg Inside Out and Other Kitchen Tales». Cooking is chemistry, biology and physics, but also history, culture, identity and sensory experiences. In this lecture, Erik Fooladi will present the book as well as the thinking behind it. Through this book, the authors have sought to balance scientifc knowledge and thinking with craftsmanship knowledge and sensory experiences. This way, they hope to make cooking a bit more intriguing, the head a bit wiser, and perhaps the food a little better. And maybe it could even promote critical thinking? When: Monday February 12, at 14.15. Where: Auditorium 2, Realfagsbygget (Science Bldg).


elisabethsildenReminder: Elisabeth from BTO will be here on Tuesday from 12 o´clock – at your service!

Important! – Register your science in Cristin before January 31

All the books, papers, conference contributions (talks, posters) etc that you published during 2017 need to be registered in the Cristin database. Cristin is the database that is used to compute the publishing part of our funding for coming 2019. It is a very good idea to register an item in Cristin as soon as the bibliographic information (volume, page number etc) is official – this way it becomes searchable in Cristin and thus your web site as soon as possible. In any case, please take a second look and include everything that has not been registered yet.  At present, we have 50 entries in the Cristin database for 2017 and close-to 70 entries in the paper gallery — clearly we have a way to go.

How-to-register information.

NB! The deadline for registering your scientific production for 2017 is January 31!

Look up for predatory conferences


Many of you are aware of and shun predatory open access journals whose primary goal is to extract publication fees from academic authors. Less attention is given to predatory conferences, of low quality and set up for profit, although this is a growing market. In short, these companies issue a flow of invitations to act as speakers or chairs on a wide range of conferences. I have been invited, by the same organiser, to appear as prominent speaker on conferences devoted to specific subjects covering the full breadth of chemistry, pharmacy, nanotechnology and much of technology. The organiser in mind, conferenceseries.org (conferenceseries.net, conferenceseries.com, recently also chemistryconferences.*) tries out a new subject every month.

It gets worse. One of our colleagues recently received an invitation from this organiser, incorrectly issued in the name of one of her former associates. In this way, she was deceived into signing up for and traveling to this make-belief conference. You can read more about this in På høyden.

Busy day ahead

Thursday June 29 presents quite a program at the Chem dept. At 09.00, the rescheduled (!) department council meeting begins with the long-term budget as the main topic. iselin_cecilie_salmo  Next, as previously announced in Kjemi-Nytt, at 10.30 in Auditorium 2, MSc Iselin Cecilie Salmo defends her PhD thesis titled «Modeling of Polymer Flooding at Adverse Mobility Ratio».

You may have to slip out a little bit before the end to join at the department lunch seminar at 12.15 in Tripletten (3069). This is the last Thursday chemistry seminar this semester and is given by MSc Ina Hvidsten. The seminar is over the given topic «Biosurfactants and their applications in the food industry,» and is part of the requirements that Ina will have to meet for the PhD degree. You will find the abstract here.

BTO-dag i dag

btoimage001Husk at i dag, første tysdag i månaden, er Elisabeth hos oss frå kl 1200. Ta gjerne kontakt med henne om BTO-relaterte saker eller berre for å diskutere ein idé!

Sommerfest onsdag 21. juni

Velkommen til Kjemisk institutt sin sommerfest onsdag 21. juni kl. 19.30!



Red Sun Restaurant i Kong Oscars gate 4.

Det blir servert en aperitiff og litt fingermat når vi kommer. Deretter blir det hovedrett, dessert og kaffe. Drikke utover dette betaler hver og en selv. Vi tar opp bestilling på forhånd og sender til restauranten.

Påmelding på ark i resepsjonen, husk å krysse av for ønsket rett. Frist 30. mai.

Aperitif and finger food will be served at arrival. Then follows main course, dessert and coffee.  Sign up for the summer party on the list  in the reception. We pre-order the food, so do remember to register what you would like to eat as well as any allergies.

Deadline for signing up is May 30.

Har du husket å registrere feriedager? / Have you registered vacation days?

Husket alt før Påskeferien?

Påsken er like rundt hjørnet, og uavhengig av om du har tenkt å tilbringe den på fjellet i snøen, i et (helt sikkert) solfylt Bergen, eller har mer perifere planer, så er det én ting du må gjøre med én gang: Registrere ferien din i PAGA. Å registrere ferien er obligatorisk, og generelt skal all ferie tas ut hvert år. Ikke helt sikker på nøyaktig når du vil ta ferie? Registrer den uansett (du kan endre den senere), så slipper du å risikere at noen andre bestemmer når du må ta ut ferien. Utfyllende informasjon her.    Fremdeles spørsmål? Ta kontakt med Anette!

Easter vacation – Ready to go?

Easter is soon upon us, and whether you are planning on finding snow in the mountains, spending all of it in sunny Bergen or making other arrangements, there is one thing you have to do right away: Register your vacation in PAGA. It is a requirement that everyone registers their holiday, and it is the general rule that all vacation days has to be taken within the year. Not sure when you’ll be going? Register it anyway (you can change it later), and avoid running the risk of someone else deciding when you’re going on holiday. Further information here. Still questions? Please contact Anette!


Nyttig MN Workshop om læringsutbyte etc!

I forbindelse med revisjonen av studieplaner inviterer MN-fakultetet til workshop på onsdag den 15. februar kl 10.00 – 14.00 på seminarrommet på VilVite.excellent_teacher

Mange undervisere ved Kjemisk har sendt inn utkast til reviderte læringsutbyttebeskrivelser på sitt eller sine emner i BSc-studiet i kjemi. På denne workshop’en vil du få gode innspill til å videreutvikle utkastet ditt, spesielt med tanke på sammenhengen mellom formulering av faglige mål og egnede former for vurdering av måloppnåelse. Ivar Nordmo og Yael Harlap fra institutt for pedagogikk bidrar med kyndige innspill og nyttige utfordringer.

Påmeldingsfrist er 10. februar. Fakultetet bestiller te/kaffe og lunsj.

Alle kursansvarlige på instituttet er herved oppfordret til å melde seg på workshop’en:  Påmeldingsskjema

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