Kitchen chemistry with a pinch of culinary science

If you wonder whether you really need to temper the meat before cooking, whether the cake will collapse if you´re not careful when taking it out of the oven, or whether it is possible to make an apple pie without any apples, you need to attend the guest lecture by Erik Fooladi this Monday! Together with professor in food science Anu Hopia (University of Turku, Finland), Erik has written the popsci book «A Pinch of Culinary Science: Boiling an Egg Inside Out and Other Kitchen Tales». Cooking is chemistry, biology and physics, but also history, culture, identity and sensory experiences. In this lecture, Erik Fooladi will present the book as well as the thinking behind it. Through this book, the authors have sought to balance scientifc knowledge and thinking with craftsmanship knowledge and sensory experiences. This way, they hope to make cooking a bit more intriguing, the head a bit wiser, and perhaps the food a little better. And maybe it could even promote critical thinking? When: Monday February 12, at 14.15. Where: Auditorium 2, Realfagsbygget (Science Bldg).