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June offers two important occasions to note in the calendar

June 18: HSE-day at the Chemistry dept. The event is compulsory and lasts full office hours until 15h00. Please note, you will receive invitation for a social continuation starting at 15h15. June 19: Celebrating Leiv Sydnes – chemist, educator, world citizen and in a couple of months, Emeritus  Professor! Save the time-slot 12h-14h.


Successful nanoBergen meeting

The nanoscience network in Bergen, nanoBergen, had an interesting and successful meeting at Hotel Neptun last Thursday. The interdisciplinarity of this research field was evident by the attendance and contributions to the meeting. The departments of physics and technology, biology, clinical dentistry, and chemistry from UiB were all represented. There were also representatives from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences present. From industry we had visits from the local companies EnSOL AS og Joma International AS. Additionally, we had a very interesting presentation and introduction to the “SFI Smart Ocean. Initiative for new Innovation Centre” by Jon Hellevang from GCE Subsea.

Hopefully the meeting will spark further discussions, new ideas and collaborations, and ultimately successful grant applications! Thanks to Mali HusbyRosnes for organizing the meeting! For more information regarding the nanoBergen network check out their webpage: https://nanobergen.w.uib.no/

Do you wonder…

…how Bjørn Grung found himself here? For the answer, attend the Thursday lunch seminar this week at 12.15 @Tripletten. Welcome!

Flow chemistry

Early this year, the department got new instrumentation for flow chemistry. In the lunch seminar this week, Audun will give an introduction to the new technology, in his lecture over the self-chosen topic Enabling technologies: Flow Chemistry.


In more detail: The common laboratory glassware has in decades been the go-to tool for chemists, but it has restricted the way we conduct chemistry. New emerging technologies give the chemist improved control over reaction parameters. Flow chemistry enables new discoveries in multiple  branches of chemistry. The basic concepts of flow chemistry and its advantages are presented.  Resent developments in the field are highlighted

4D coordinates: Thursday Oct 5 at 12.15, at Tripletten (3069).

Introduction to Synthetic biology

Do not miss the opportunity to hear Dr. Ralf Kellmann (Dept. of Biology & Hormonlaboratoriet HelseBergen) tell about their effort to use of synthetic biology to produce neosaxitoxin. Neosaxitoxin is one of the paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTs), which are a group of neurotoxic alkaloids produced by algal blooms, i.e. marine dinoflagellates (red tides) and freshwater filamentous cyanobacteria. PSTs reversibly block voltage-gated sodium channels, and recent clinical trials on humans have indicated a positive safety profile for neosaxitoxin as a long-acting local anesthetic. The major challenge with neosaxitoxin and its relatives is the lack of a large-scale production process. We are employing synthetic biology to develop such a large-scale production process for neosaxitoxin, which we envision will be capable of covering the future world-market demand for neosaxitoxin.

Synthetic biology can be defined as: » the design and construction of novel biological pathways, organisms or devices, or the redesign of existing natural biological systems» (UK Royal Society). It is one of the currently fastest growing research fields, enabled by new technologies, such as the chemically synthesis of long (> 100 kb) DNA, and efficient combinatorial cloning techniques. Synthetic biology can be used as a research tool to uncover and characterise novel biochemical pathways, as well as to develop processes for the industrial production NPs and NP-derived derived drugs.

When and where: Thursday Sept 28 at 12.15 in Tripletten.

Guest lecture I

As previously announced, this week we receive as guests two scientists of high standing who have applied for a position in bioinformatics jointly at the Department of chemistry and the Computational Biology Unit (CBU). You are very welcome to attend the lectures that they will give, see below, whereby you can contribute to making them feel welcome at our department. Please notice that different lecture rooms are used for the two lectures.
Monday September 11, at 09h15-10
Dr. Tobias Karakach, Research Officer, National Research Council of Canada
Title: “Bioinformatics for Functional Genomic”
Location: Room 3069, aka Tripletten, in the Science Bldg.

Sommerfest onsdag 21. juni

Velkommen til Kjemisk institutt sin sommerfest onsdag 21. juni kl. 19.30!



Red Sun Restaurant i Kong Oscars gate 4.

Det blir servert en aperitiff og litt fingermat når vi kommer. Deretter blir det hovedrett, dessert og kaffe. Drikke utover dette betaler hver og en selv. Vi tar opp bestilling på forhånd og sender til restauranten.

Påmelding på ark i resepsjonen, husk å krysse av for ønsket rett. Frist 30. mai.

Aperitif and finger food will be served at arrival. Then follows main course, dessert and coffee.  Sign up for the summer party on the list  in the reception. We pre-order the food, so do remember to register what you would like to eat as well as any allergies.

Deadline for signing up is May 30.

NKS-seminar ”KLIMA- og MILJØANALYSER” i september


Norsk kjemisk selskap-faggruppe for analytisk kjemi (NKS-FAK)  inviterer til seminar på UiB 14. september om Klima- og miljøanalyser.  Programmet inneholder 9 foredrag som dekker grunnleggende temaer innen analytisk kjemi som for eksempel god veieteknikk og kvalitetssikring, med problemstillinger fra nanopartikler, algegifter, paleoklima og luft/jord/vann. Analyse av både uorganiske og organiske parametere vil behandles. 6 firmaer vil ha utstilling og der vil være god anledning til å diskutere ulike problemstillinger med dem. Påmelding sendes siv.dundas@uib.no innen 7. september.

, mai 9, 2017. Category: Møte.

HMS-møte/HSE-meeting 21. juni

Kjære alle sammen, Kjemisk institutt vil gjennomføre et heldags HMS-møte onsdag 21. juni 2017, kl 09:00-14:00. Møtet er obligatorisk for alle ansatte på instituttet.220px-Wet_floor_-_piso_mojado Videre planlegges det sosialt samvær om kvelden (fra kl 1900) med bespisning!

Dear all, The Department of Chemistry will organize a full-day HSE meeting on June 21, from 09:00-14:00. Noteworthy, the meeting is mandatory for all employees. Additionally, there are plans in progress
for a social gathering including dining, in the afternoon from 7 pm!

Spør rektor!

rektoratSom forberedelse til rektorvalget 30.mars-5.april, blir det tirsdag 14.3 kl 13.30-15 åpent valgmøte for fakultetet med rektorkandidat Dag Rune Olsen sammen med prorektorkandidat Margareth Hagen og deres viserektorkandidater Robert Bjerknes og Oddrun Samdal. De presenterer først kort sin valgplattform (se www.olsen2017.info), og deretter blir det rom for å stille spørsmål og gi innspill til valgplattformen.

Møtet holdes i auditorium 5 i Realfagsbygget, 3.etg.

, mars 13, 2017. Category: Møte.
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