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Welcome to professor Nathalie Reuter!

As announced last Friday, professor Nathalie Reuter will join the department starting from July 1! She is an outstanding scientist with a long record of achievements and fruitful collaborations including some with colleagues at our department. To exemplify, she leads the BIOTEK2021 project Novel drug candidates for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease treatment, which includes Bengt Erik (PI) and Åsmund (researcher). Many of you attended her TCLS lecture last November, on exploring the binding of soluble proteins to biological membranes by means of molecular simulations and experiments. We will learn more about her research interest in the years to come, as she contributes to shape molecular life science as one of the main strategic axes at the department. Her background includes a PhD (1999) from the renowned Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy, postdoc in theoretical chemistry at the Max-Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung, Mülheim, followed by a period as researcher at Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (INSERM, Strasbourg). She was hired at the Computational Biology Unit (CBU) at UiB in 2003, first as service scientist and then advancing into position as leader of her own research group, before running successfully for a BFS candidate-ship in 2009 and eventually promoted to full professor at MBI in 2013.  In short, you are most welcome, Nathalie!

Andrey disputerer

Andrey Bezrukov disputerer 16. mars 2018  med avhandlingen: ‘Development of metal-organic frameworks with hydroxyl and phosphine functionalities for potential applications in adsorption and catalysis

Welkom Lore!

Lore Coenegrachts has joined the chemistry department (Le Roux research group) as traineeship exchange student from the University Colleges Leuven-Limburg (Belgium). During her short stay in Bergen, she will investigate the chemistry of N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of group 4 as potential catalysts for the coupling of unsaturated polar substrates with CO2. Her project is directly linked to the CO2-CaRD project: Rational catalyst design for transforming CO2 into industrially attractive products: Formic acid, polycarbonates and polyurethanes.

, mars 3, 2018. Category: Person.

Energy director Kristin Gulbrandsen Frøysa

The current UiB strategy «Ocean, Life, Society» (2016-2022) identifies Climate and energy transition is one of three committed strategic areas. By creating clusters, forming centers, increasing interdisciplinary cooperation, and including external partners, UiB will try to mark itself as one of Europe’s strongest university in climate and energy transition. Dr. Kristin Gulbrandsen Frøysa, the newly appointed energy director, will together with the academic management at the our faculty, have overall responsibility for leading the energy part of this interdisciplinary focus area. The Director of Energy will be responsible for organizing and leading cooperation on research, education and innovation across the field and the faculties – both locally, nationally and internationally.

Kristin has background as senior researcher at CMR and director of the Norcowe FME. Since 2016 she has held an adjunct associate professorship at the Geophysics institute and contributed greatly to the EnergyLab construct.

Energy is an important field of study at our department and we look forward to working together with Kristin!

Congrats, Dr. Festo!

It is a pleasure to congratulate Festo Kayima with his new-won academic status, and at the same time acknowledge the contributions from his supervisors (Matthias Stadler and Erik Fooladi), the evaluating committee (Inger Marie Dalehefte, Ian Abrahams og Bjørn Grung) and Custos (George Francis)!

Festo disputerer

Doktorand Festo

Festo Kayima disputerer mandag 12. februar 2018  med avhandlingen: “Exploring chemistry teachers’ perspectives on questioning and providing a new way of analyzing teacher questions in science classrooms”

Tid og Sted: kl 10.30 i Auditorium 3.

Matthias Stadler har vært hovedveileder  og Erik Fooladi ved Høgskulen i Volda har vært biveileder.


Annette disputerer

Annette Meland Johannessen disputerer fredag 26. januar 2018 med avhandlingen: «Low Salinity Surfactant Flooding in Sandstone Cores».

Førsteamanuensis Kristine Spildo har vært hovedveileder og professor Arne Skauge har vært biveileder.

Welcome Dafne!

Dafne Lemus is hired in a 4-year research fellow position at the Department of Chemistry, connected to the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities (SVT). She will be working on a PhD project that analyzes the role of deep uncertainty and scientific dissent on ongoing chemical risk controversies. Her focus will be on the study of a series of empiric cases related to the topic of the risk appraisal of endocrine disruptors. She has an academic background in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Studies.

Welcome Eirin!

Januar 2, 2018 Eirin Alme was employed as research fellow / PhD student in organic synthesis / medical technology. Her background is a master degree in organic chemistry from the University of Bergen (2017). Her PhD project comprises design of synthetic pathways and development of synthetic methodology and technology for the preparation of compounds targeted as drugs or radiolabelled tracers for positron emission tomography (PET). Eirin will work in the Bjørsvik research group.

Welcome Cæcilie!

Cæcilie Benckendorff has joined the department as an ERASMUS+ traineeship student on exchange from the University of Aberdeen. She will be working toward a MChem degree until the end of April, and will work on the synthesis of riboswitch ligands together with Illimar, Zeeshan and Bengt Erik. She will be associated with the project Chartering chemical space of riboswitch ligands – toward future antibiotics which is a collaboration with Professor Ruth Brenk at the Department of Biomedicine at UiB.

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