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Welcome Amrita!

Hello everyone! 

I am Amrita Panigrahi. I am an organic chemistry graduate from Bengaluru, India. I am starting my PhD research on frustrated Lewis pairs in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and their properties towards hydrogen and nitrogen activation in the Dietzel group. I have previously worked at Jubilant Biosys as a research associate in synthetic organic chemistry and analysis. You can find me in Room no. 2002, 2nd Floor.

Mali receives certification as holder of the prestigious TMS Starting Grant

TMS Starting Grant. Foto: Eivind Senneset, UiB

On the 1st of August 2022, Mali’s TMS Starting grant project, Recyclable Catalysts for Sustainable Polymers from CO2 and Bio-based Epoxides (ReCat4Polymer), officially started. On Friday the 23rd of September she officially received her TMS badge from the Trond Mohn Foundation. The event was the TMS alumni night at Tårnsalen at the University Museum. Our rector Margareth Hagen was also present to celebrate the three new grant holders, Mali from Chemistry, Suzette Flantua at the Department of Biological Sciences and Carina Strell at the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO).

The aim of the generous funds from the Trond Mohn Foundation and the University of Bergen is to build up a research group to study recyclable catalysts for the production of sustainable plastics, where CO2 will be used as one of the raw materials.

TMS Starting Grant. Foto: Eivind Senneset, UiB

Mali will develop efficient and fully recyclable catalysts for the sustainable production of modern materials without the use of fossil raw materials. The project focuses specifically on the development of recyclable catalysts for the production of sustainable polymers, where CO2 and bio-based epoxides will be used as raw materials. This will be an important contribution to the UN’s 12th sustainability goal; «Responsible consumption and production». The key to obtaining suitable and recyclable catalysts lies in introducing polyoxometalates (POMs). POMs are a special class of inorganic compounds that is one of Mali’s specialties from her PhD at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. PhD student Leah Kristen Rai is already in place at the institute.

Welcome to Leah!

Hi, my name is Leah Kristen Rai and I am from India, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

I am a passionate Chemist with my Bachelors from Stella Maris College and Masters in Inorganic Chemistry from University of Madras. My area of interest is mainly on catalysis, and I also have experience with computational analysis and experimental work. I worked as Junior Research Fellow for a brief period at Anna University in the project “Production of JP-8 range fuels and chemicals using nanostructured catalysts” (DST Indo-Norway project). My other activities include travelling, photography, drawing…………….. and I am a lover of nature and animals.

Looking forward to pursue my research at UiB with confidence and perseverance!


Update on Biogas research at TCLS this week

TCLS this week focused on Biogas; the gas mixture of methane (50-70%) and carbon dioxide (50-30%) that many of the local buses use for fuel. Assoc. Prof. Vasan Sivalingam and PhD-student Gudny Flatabø visited from Department of Process, Energy and Environmental Technology at the University of South-Eastern Norway (, and Vasan presented his research on how to advance methane yield in biogas by integration of fermentation of syngas (mixture of H2, CO2 & CO) and microbial electrosynthesis (MES). In return, Stian Hegdahl, phd-student at our department,  explored and explained how to wrestle bio-oil from residues from the biogas production. He also exemplified the fate of pharmaceutical drugs when exposed to conditions needed for hydrothermal  conversion of feedstock to make Bio-Oil.

Congrats to dr. Ingrid!

Last Friday, Ingrid Schiager Skinnarland successfully defended her thesis «Investigations of intermediates and byproducts formed in an industrial process – structure elucidation and mechanistic studies» for the degree of ph.d. She has been an enterprise phd-student («nærings-PhD») at our department, and her project has been carried out both at GE Healthcare Lindesnes Fabrikker and at the Department of Chemistry. She has been supervised by Prof. em. Leiv K. Sydnes and Dr. Torfinn Håland. We congratulate!

Congrats, dr. Illimar!

On September 15, Illimar Rekand successfully defended his thesis «Structure-based Druggability Predictions of RNA Binding Sites and Design of RNA Ligands» for the ph.d. degree. Illimar has a background in organic synthesis from our department, and the PhD project was carried out at the departments of biomedicine and chemistry. His supervisors have been profs. Ruth Brenk and Bengt Erik Haug. We extend warm gratulations!

Congrats, Dr Frida!

On September 16, for the first time since Covid-19 made its entry, a fully physical and normal dissertation ceremony was held at the department of chemistry. On this happy day, Frida Johanne Lundevall, engineer and PhD-student at our department, successfully defended her thesis  «Synthesis and Method Development of Silver N-Heterocyclic Complexes as Cytotoxic Agents» for the degree of ph.d. The best of gratulations to the new doctor in town!

Welcome, Kangkang!

Kangkang Wang is a PhD candidate recruited for the CompFish project at the Xinjiang University. He is conducting a one-year exchange stay at the Department of Chemistry, UiB.

During this period, he is going to study adsorption of organic pollutants on microplastics and develop new analytical method for quantitively evaluation of microplastics in fish tissues. His research will answer the following questions about microplastics: (1) what is the adsorption mechanism of dyes on nylon microplastics; (2) is there differences for fresh microplastics and aged ones on the adsorption behavior; (3) how does the adsorption affect by the sizes of microplastics; (4) if fluorescence and GPC can be used to quantify microplastics in fish tissue.

Welcome to our new Research Advisor and PhD Coordinator, Torill Andersen Eidsvaag!

Bergenser og UiB alumn. Jeg har en bachelor i fysikk fra UiB og en master i forskningsformidling fra University of the West of England i Bristol. Jeg har jobbet ved UiB i snart åtte år, først i studieseksjonen ved MN-fakultetet og de siste tre årene som koordinator for UiB sin havvindsatsning, Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW). I studieseksjonen har jeg jobbet hovedsakelig med vitnemål og internasjonalisering. Ved BOW har jeg hatt mange roller og vært med på å bygge opp senteret sammen med faglig ledelse. Jeg brenner for å skape gode rammer og godt miljø rundt forskning og utdanning og jeg gleder meg veldig til å bli kjent med dere på Kjemisk institutt!

Bergenser and UiB alumnus. I have a bachelor’s in physics from UiB and a master’s in research communication from the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol. I have worked at UiB for almost eight years, first in the study section at the MN faculty and for the last three years as coordinator for UiB’s offshore wind initiative, Bergen Offshore Wind Center (BOW). In the study section, I have mainly worked with diplomas and internationalisation. At BOW, I have had many roles and helped to build up the center together with professional management. I am passionate about creating good frameworks and a good environment around research and education and I am very much looking forward to getting to know you at the Department of Chemistry!

Vennlig hilsen Torill

Welcome, Amalyn!

I´m Amalyn, From Venezuela. I´m a passionate chemist, and I´ll be teaching advanced organic chemistry (KJEM231) during the Autumn. My research interests are design, synthesis and evaluation of bioactive small molecule that can be used as probes for mechanistic studies or lead compounds for drug discovery. I´m also interesting in practicing science communication, hiking, and practice some sports.

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