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Welcome Dafne!

Dafne Lemus is hired in a 4-year research fellow position at the Department of Chemistry, connected to the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities (SVT). She will be working on a PhD project that analyzes the role of deep uncertainty and scientific dissent on ongoing chemical risk controversies. Her focus will be on the study of a series of empiric cases related to the topic of the risk appraisal of endocrine disruptors. She has an academic background in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Studies.

Welcome Eirin!

Januar 2, 2018 Eirin Alme was employed as research fellow / PhD student in organic synthesis / medical technology. Her background is a master degree in organic chemistry from the University of Bergen (2017). Her PhD project comprises design of synthetic pathways and development of synthetic methodology and technology for the preparation of compounds targeted as drugs or radiolabelled tracers for positron emission tomography (PET). Eirin will work in the Bjørsvik research group.

Welcome Cæcilie!

Cæcilie Benckendorff has joined the department as an ERASMUS+ traineeship student on exchange from the University of Aberdeen. She will be working toward a MChem degree until the end of April, and will work on the synthesis of riboswitch ligands together with Illimar, Zeeshan and Bengt Erik. She will be associated with the project Chartering chemical space of riboswitch ligands – toward future antibiotics which is a collaboration with Professor Ruth Brenk at the Department of Biomedicine at UiB.

Gratulerer til Dr. Ole-Johan!

Opphavsrett: Frank Robert Webermann

Askøyværing og farmasøyt Ole-Johan Juvik disputerte i dag for ph.d.-graden med avhandlingen: «Characterization of bioactive natural products from edible, medicinal and toxic plants». Avhandlingen beskriver oppdagelse og karakterisering av ikke mindre enn 55 naturprodukter fra 7 planter fra 4 kontinenter, og for hele 12 av de 55 forbindelsene er dette første gang de er beskrevet i den vitenskaplige litteraturen. Hoved- og biveileder har vært hhv. professorene Torgils Fossen og Svein Haavik. Ole-Johan har vært ansatt som stipendiat ved Senter for Farmasi med arbeidssted hos oss. Vi gratulerer og ønsker familien god jul!


Takk til Siri og Susanne for å glede mange med lussekattar på Luciadagen — nydelege bollar og eit flott initiativ!!

Welcome Francesco!

Francesco is an Italian graduate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and he just joined the department as a new PhD student supervised by Hans-René Bjørsvik. He will be working on a project aimed at making new PET tracers for hypoxia in tumours based on the 2-nitro imidazole scaffold. This is part of the wider PET3D project on “PET imaging in Drug Design and Development” funded by European Commision under the H2020 – MSCA–ITN–2015 program (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action, Innovative Training Network).

Kavli-Visit to IBM@Zürich and ETH

Many will know that the Kavli prizes are very prestigious awards for the topmost research achievements in nanoscience, astrophysics and neural science, respectively. These prizes are funded and promoted by the Kavli Foundation, and the Foundation is also promoting science and scientific achievements in many other ways. zurichOne example is the Kavli Prize for Nanoscience Symposium – Atomic Force Microscopy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Co-organized by Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi and IBM Zürich, 30 Norwegian PhD-students were invited to Zürich to take part in this event, and also to meet and discuss with Nobel prize laureate Gerd Binnig and Kavli prize laureate Christoph Gerber, and other distinguished scientists. From the chemistry department, Malgorzata, Anders and Christian had the good fortune to participate, shown in the picture at the door step of IBM ThinkLab i Rüschlikon!

Franziska is back

FI MSc. Franziska Ihlefeldt is a Phd student from Prof. Mats Tilset’s group (UiO) working in the GreenCAT project  “Design of Green Catalysts for the Conversion of Renewable Resources into Polymers”, led by Erwan Le Roux and funded by NFR. Her project is focusing on the development of N-heterocyclic carbenes of group 8 as catalysts for the copolymerization of epoxides with CO2 . Franziska spent some time in Bergen last fall, and this time around she will have an extended stay at our department, lasting until the end of January next year. Good to have you back!

Velkommen Louise!

Louise Emblem Bergsjø har mastergrad i kjemi fra UiB i 2016.  Hun ansettes som stipendiat i organisk syntese og legemiddelkjemi knyttet til instituttets satsning innen medisinsk teknologi. Louise skal jobbe med syntese av peptid og peptidlignende forbindelser for anvendelse innen molekylær avbilding i et samarbeidsprosjekt med PET-senteret ved Haukeland universitetssjukehus. Bengt Erik Haug og Ole Heine Kvernenes (PET-senteret, HUS) er veiledere.

Velkommen Zeeshan!

Muhammad Zeeshan har mastergrad i organisk kjemi fra Universitetet i Karachi og doktorgrad i organisk kjemi fra NTNU i 2012.  Etter oppnådd PhD har han jobbet som forsker i organisk syntese ved NTNU og ved UiT. Han ansettes som postdoktor i organisk syntese og legemiddelkjemi finansiert av Norges forskningsråd. Han skal jobbe på prosjektet Chartering chemical space of riboswitch ligands – towards future antibiotics som ledes av Ruth Brenk (Institutt for biomedisin, UiB) og Bengt Erik Haug.

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