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BTO on Monday

Our BTO contacts, Victoria and Maja, are back at the department this Monday, 12- 16. Please stop by them at Cecilie’s office to discuss how they can facilitate your ideas and ambitions regarding innovation etc. To kick off the new term in a good manner, they promise to serve coffee!

Keep an eye on Energy Lab

Energy Lab is a forum for exchange of information on research results and activities related to renewable energy and energy transition. The Energy Lab hosts weekly informal lunch meetings and larger half-day seminars. These events are free of charge and open to all interested. An overview of scheduled events can be found in the calendar.

Next Tuesday (Jan 8), prof. Martin Fernø (IFT) discusses The role of hydrogen for energy transition – Outlook from UiB, at 12.0013.00 in The Helland-Hansen room, Geophysical Institute, Allegaten 70. To illustrate the nature of the Energy Lab, last year hydrogen was at focus in the following four lunch presentations: Hydrogen som drivstoff i maritim transportHydrogen in JapanHydrogen from waste; and Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Maritime Applications.

Note also that on Jan 15, the topic is how to make synthetic liquid fuels. This is an important research topic also at our department. This event takes place at HVL Campus Kronstad.

Greetings from EuChemS

Passing on Christmas greetings from EuChemS, the European Chemical Society representing more than 160,000 chemists from more than 40 Member Societies and other chemistry related organisations, with the full newsletter for December to be found here!

Congratulations, Dr. Rafiq

Foto: Julia Løining

MSc Rafiq Ahmad today successfully defended his thesis titled Thermal and rheological properties of fish feed protein ingredients. The project has been run at Nofima. Although introducing soy protein concentrates to fish feed is desirable from a supply point of view, it does introduce problems to the extrusion process necessary to make feed pellets. Rather than plasticizing the mixture by addition of water, which is energy costly in the subsequent drying step, Refiq has explored the use of other protein additives rich also in free amino acids, to facilitate the extrusion step.

Christmas Party – a great success!

The event of the season, the chemistry Christmas party, was every bit as much of a success this year as it has been the two preceding years.The turn-up of joyous and party-minded chemists, the variety of tasty dishes, the vocal presentations of the Off Ke(y)tones, the shrewdness of the Quizmaster, and not least, the excellent news about projects granted — it all lived up to and surpassed expectations and made this a memorable evening! Special thanks and recognition for excellent services rendered are due to the Nanomodeling and Theoretical chemistry group – Vidar (at the helm and in charge of the toasting), Giovanni, Morten, Christian, Sven, Immanuel, Sondre, Jonas, Fredrik, Leif, and Marco, and fortified by Erwan (for the occasion, master of the welcome drinks).

BTO-day this Tuesday

Reminder: The first Tuesday of the month is BTO-day, and Victoria and Maja will be here from 12 o´clock – at your service!

Takk Nina!

Etter meir enn 30 år på Kjemisk institutt, kom Nina sin siste arbeidsdag hos oss i dag. I går hadde vi ei god samkome kor instituttet fekk uttrykke kor mykje Nina har kome til å bety både for alle oss som har og har hatt vårt dagleg virke her, for studentar og gjester som har hatt Nina som møtepunkt med Kjemisk institutt, og spesielt for nære arbeidskollegaer innan administrasjonen ved instituttet. Vi ønskjer Nina lukke til med tilveret som pensjonist!

Torgils presented the Nobel Prize of Chemistry

The traditional annual Nobel Prize Party, organized by the Bergen chapter for the Norwegian Chemical Society, was very successfully held last Friday.

This year the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was divided, one half awarded to Frances H. Arnold «for the directed evolution of enzymes», the other half jointly to George P. Smith and Sir Gregory P. Winter «for the phage display of peptides and antibodies.» Prof. Torgils Fossen, gave a very well-prepared and insightful lecture on the subject of this year’s Nobel prize. After the lecture it was party time with seafood, refreshments and good company counting chemists at all ages from bachelor and upward.

In case you missed the event, be on alert next year when it comes around!

Administrativ vaffelfinale

Kristin og Cecilie stod for siste vaffelservering i regi av vaffelkomiteen for i år.
Velkommen til nye vafler neste år! Hilsen Vaffelkomiteen

Verden definert på nytt for oss kjemikere og andre naturvitere

Fredag 16. november i Versailles stemte Generalkonferansen for mål og vekt over foreslåtte endringer i SI-systemet. Fra og med 20.mai 2019 trer endringene, som 60 land var med å stemme fram, i kraft. Hele SI-systemet har vært til revidering, og hensikten har vært å knytte alle definisjoner til universalkonstanter (fundamentale fysiske størrelser som har samme verdi under alle forhold, og som ikke endrer seg over tid). Hovedenhetene som har fått nye definisjoner er:

  • Mol– vil bli definert av Avogadros konstant (NA)
  • Kilogram– vil bli definert av Plancks konstant (h)
  • Ampere– vil bli definert av elementærladning (e)
  • Kelvin– vil bli definert av Boltzmanns konstant (k)

Kilde: Justervesenet.no og snl.no, Rapportør: Anne GF.

A massive change: Nations redefine the kilogram.

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