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UiB prioritizes upgrading of teaching and laboratory space at the Department of Chemistry

It is planned to build two new laboratories, HelseLab and EnergiLab, that will provide new opportunities for research and teaching. The measures liberate areas for student-active learning and will also involve upgrading parts of the technical infrastructure in the building.

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University Board Agenda 14/20, 20.02.20

På Høyden 17.02.20

, mars 6, 2020. Category: Hendingar.

Wednesday November 13. Ethics for Breakfast: Co-authorship in research

A breakfast seminar related to the topic in the TCLS October 3. lead by Prof. em. Leiv Sydnes about the question of authorship – who should appear on the list of authors of a scientific paper? The up-coming seminar focuses on practices for co-authorship, practice differences for co-authorship in various academic disciplines, gray-zone practices, and critical views on practice differences between academic disciplines and traditions.

November 13. Christie Cafe 8.30 – 10.30.

Registration deadline 11.11.19 at 15.00. More information and link til registration.