Course in Preparing for your next Horizon Europe Proposal

Course content: The European framework program Horizon Europe supports is the EU’s main funding programme for research and innovation. Running from 2021 to 2027 with a budget of 95.5 billion euros, it is the most extensive research funding programme globally. It supports a wide range of research and innovation activities, including primary and applied research, innovation projects, and networking activities, and provides funding and opportunities for researchers in all fields and at all career stages.

However, complexity and documentation render the program challenging to navigate. Many scientists with excellent ideas are not participating in the program despite their outstanding research. On the other hand, a few magically attract funding. They know how to network, find relevant «Call to Action» and write a competitive proposal, next to being a good researcher. These observations are my main drivers for developing a practical how-to course on using the vast amount of data in the EU system to think outside the box and understand and navigate the Horizon Europe framework program.

Learning outcome:
Participants will get an overview of:
– How to take advantage of past and current projects funded by the EU Commission to think outside the box?
– How to navigate Horizon Europe – Pillar II to find relevant «Call to Action»?
– How to write the core concept of a research proposal?

Target group:
Suitable for both scientific and administrative staff who want to learn more about practical creativity, Horizon Europe and developing research proposals. Please note that this is an internal UiB course, and is only open to UiB employees.

Duration: The course lasts 2,5 hours. There will be an exchange of experience and group work along the way.

Principal trainer: Hiwa Målen (PhD & RM), Department of Research and Innovation, University of Bergen.

For admin. support staff: 10.06.22.
For scientific staff: 17.06.22.

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