Look up for predatory conferences


Many of you are aware of and shun predatory open access journals whose primary goal is to extract publication fees from academic authors. Less attention is given to predatory conferences, of low quality and set up for profit, although this is a growing market. In short, these companies issue a flow of invitations to act as speakers or chairs on a wide range of conferences. I have been invited, by the same organiser, to appear as prominent speaker on conferences devoted to specific subjects covering the full breadth of chemistry, pharmacy, nanotechnology and much of technology. The organiser in mind, conferenceseries.org (conferenceseries.net, conferenceseries.com, recently also chemistryconferences.*) tries out a new subject every month.

It gets worse. One of our colleagues recently received an invitation from this organiser, incorrectly issued in the name of one of her former associates. In this way, she was deceived into signing up for and traveling to this make-belief conference. You can read more about this in På høyden.