Comparison of energy sources and transport alternatives using life cycle assessment.

On Friday Aug 14 at 10.15, Jørgen Gausdal Jacobsen delivers his trial lecture for the PhD degree, with the title Comparison of energy sources and transport alternatives using life cycle assessment. 

Location ZoomThe meeting is set up with a waiting-room function due to the security regulations for ZOOM meetings. The moderator gives access to the participants manually. The entrance closes when the lecture starts. Therefore, please, log into the meeting a few minutes before 10.15. Welcome!

Abstract: The search for energy sources with higher energy efficiency and lower environmental impact has increased rapidly in recent years. This has led to the development of new approaches to calculate the net energy gain of different energy sources and transport alternatives. In the lecture key factors such as energy payback ratio, energy efficiency, sustainability, etc. are introduced and defined. These parameters will be used to compare life cycle energy gain and consumption for different energy sources including a discussion of CO2 footprint, degree of renewability and sustainability. Specifically, power sources such as hydro, wind and solar will be compared to hydrocarbon gas and coal. The lecture will be assessed by Tore Skodvin (leader), Tanja Barth og Bjarte Holmelid.