Seminar on Ion Mobility MS

Wednesday (Nov 22) at 12:15-13:00 @ Tripletten, application scientist at Agilent, Dr Shaun Bilsborough, will present the possibilities and applications of Ion mobility Mass spectrometry. Coffee and Danish pastry will be served.

While high resolution mass spectrometry has become the analytical cornerstone for many research applications requiring the analysis of highly complex samples, there has also been significant interest in the use of ultra-fast orthogonal techniques to provide added dimensions of separation. In multiple studies, the ion-mobility instrument has demonstrated the ability to reveal significantly greater analytical detail for complex samples compared to high resolution mass spectrometry technology alone. The 6560 Ion Mobility Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (IM-QTOF) LC/MS is the first commercially available uniform field ion mobility system, which coupled with the 1290 UHPLC, provides the combined separation power and selectivity of LC, IM, and MS techniques. Laboratories involved in cutting edge research can speed up research programs and have greater confidence in compound identification with the additional dimension of separation as well as the structural information provided by ion mobility measurements. The system enables high performance ion mobility and very precise and accurate collision cross section (CCS or W) measurements without class dependent calibration standards. The ion mobility device operates under uniform low field conditions, thus allowing the drift time information for ions to be directly converted to collision cross section information.