First 5 fully-financed pharmacy students in Bergen

Study programs in the Norwegian university sector are usually funded by the government, with the full cost covered by base funding (60%) and result funding (study points achieved plus graduates; 40%). This model applies for instance to the pharmacy programs at UiO and UiT. The pharmacy program at the University of Bergen differs in this respect, in that only the result component (40%) of the funding is provided from Oslo. The lion’s share of the cost is thus covered by UiB central. It has been, and still is, difficult to accept such a large difference in how the pharmacy programs in Norway are funded.

Today, the government announced how 4000 new study places will be distributed over institutions of higher education in Norway. 251 of the 4000 places are allocated to UiB as follows: 62 (health), 35 (teacher’s ed), 72 (MNT), 80 (economy, law) and 2 (new areas). And here comes the main point: 5 out of the 62 health slots will be fully financed pharmacy students! This calls for a celebration or what!