Dept. of Chemistry scientists on the 2PCT list

In October last year, John P. A. Ioannidis at Stanford University (widely renown for his 2005 PLoS Medicine paper «Why Most Published Research Findings Are False.») and his co-authors published a science-wide author database of standardized citation indicators based on the Scopus database. This has resulted in a list of the top 2% of the most-cited scientists in various disciplines, totalling 160,000 names including almost 1,000 researchers at Norwegian institutions. Five of them are affiliated with our department, and we congratulate our colleagues on the distinction! An interesting aspect is that only two of them (prof. Olav Kvalheim and prof. em. Rolf Manne) are shortlisted in the field of chemistry (in their case, analytical chemistry), while profs. Jeroen van der Sluijs, Øyvind M. Andersen and Tanja Barth have climbed the ranks within Environmental sciences, Plant biology and botany, and Energy, respectively. Chemistry comes in all flavours! More on this topic in Khrono.