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HMS-prisen til Geo

Foto: Kjell Størksen

Foto: Kjell Størksen

Fakultetet sin pris for godt HMS-arbeid gjekk i år til Institutt for geovitskap, for godt og systematisk arbeid med risikovurdering i forkant av feltarbeid. Prisen vart delt ut på HMS-seminaret Omstilling og endring. Vi gratulerer!!

Etisk forsking

Etiske perspektiv på og i forsking strekkjer seg frå praktiske forhald i kvardagen (f. eks. Sikker Job Analyse, jfr HMS-halvdagen vår), via god forskings- og publiseringspraksis (jfr. Leiv Sydnes sitt foredrag på kjemitorsdag) og til etiske rammer for kva retning forskinga vår bør ta. Vidar Jensen og medforfattarar presenterer eit godt døme på det siste punktet, henta frå eiga forsking.

Eit bevisst forhald til etiske perspektiv på forsking er eit evalueringspunkt ved søknad om forskingsstøtte, jamfør punktet Key perspectives and compliance with strategic documents i Forskningsrådet sitt søknadsskjema. I somme prosjekt kan det liggje til rette for samarbeid med Senter for vitskapsteori, kor ein av professorane våre (Jeroen van der Sluijs) har arbeidsplassen sin.

Christmas party a smashing success!

2016-12-08_choirThanks to meticulous planning from Mali, a great effort from the Inorganic nanochemistry group, and a generous turn-out of party-minded chemists, it is safe to declare the chemistry Christmas party last night a great success! The location (IntegrerBar) was carefully and appropriately decorated according in the colors of the season, with glasses of bubbles and a verbal duet by Emily and Anders greeting each and one to the party. The evening saw the debut of a brand new choir – the Off-ke(y)tones – featuring a Grammy-nominated member (according to her own beautiful and hence reliable voice) – which served great entertainment and cultural delicacies – matched in quality and diversity only by the marvelous food contributed by all the guests in this hotpot event! After even the sweet teeth among us had had our fill, chemistry’s own quizmaster Bjørn took the floor — great expectations were met with equal fun and excitement and what looked to become a draw was turned into a staggering dark-horse victory (hence the light setting of the photo) — congratulations!2016-12-08_quizzlers

A success like this begs for continuation. In short – you have been taking part in the birth of (what will become) a grand tradition! While it will be hard to top the skills and efforts by the organizers of this year’s premiere event, the good news is that Mali has it all documented and ready for the next crew. The last quiz question is obviously which division (faggruppe) accepts the challenge. The answer is…?

Very joyous news II!

Today, the Norwegian Research Council announced the outcome of the annual yet extremely competitive FRIPRO call for funding of Blue-Sky research projects. Out of the 350 researcher projects within FRIMEDBIO, only 8% or 29 projects were granted. ruthbrenkOne of those applications that were simply too well written and too well conceived to be passed by, describes the project Chartering chemical space of riboswitch ligands – towards future antibiotics, coauthored by Professors Ruth Brenk (Department of Biomedicine) behand Bengt Erik Haug (Department of Chemistry). It is gratifying to see hard work, dedication and excellent scientific ideas prevail — this is a very important step in the fruitful development of medicinal chemistry at our department. Congratulations!!


Very joyous news I!

logo_Nyn_rgbToday, the Norwegian Research Council announced the outcome of the annual yet extremely competitive FRIPRO call for funding of Blue-Sky research projects. Out of the 233 researcher projects within FRINATEK, only 6% or 14 projects were granted. vidarProfessor Vidar Jensen struck bulls eye with his proposal on Sustainable and Selective Metathesis: From Fundamental Insights to New Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. This is news very important to the olefin-metathesis-line of research at the department, joyous to the project team in particular and to the chemistry department at large, and impressive in terms of the effort and quality of the proposal itself and the research on which it builds! To Vidar and his team, which locally includes Giovanni, Jarl and Karl, Congratulations!


Digital vurdering

Studieadministrativ avdeling (SA) har sett saman fyldig informasjon

  • til deg som skal lage digital eksamen – lærar
  • til deg som skal sensurere digital eksamen – sensor
  • til deg som skal ta digital eksamen – student
  • til deg som skal administrere digital eksamen – studiekonsulent

Upcoming PhD Events

December is a very busy month on the PhD horizon, and as a help for all of us to keep the overview and thus give the candidates the attention and attendance that their hard work deserves, here is the schedule:thesis-editing-hat

Dec 14 at 10.30 in Aud. II: Markus Baumann defends his thesis titled: Synthesis of bicyclic CXCR4 antagonists.

Dec 15 at 12.15 in Tripletten: Mikel Oregui Bengoechea lectures over Chemicals and fuels from marine algal biomass – status and future perspectives?

Dec 19 at 13.15 in Tripletten: Festo Kayima lectures over Constructive alignment in university teaching – what is it, and why should we care?

Dec 21 at 12:00  in Aud. II: Mikel Oregui Bengoechea defends his thesis titled: Formic acid aided catalytic lignin conversion in ethanol and water media.

The Christmas Party is soon to be — Exciting!


Chemicals and fuels from catalytic conversion of lignin – opportunities and challenges?

This is the title that Camilla Løhre has been given for her trial lecture for the PhD degree. The lecture gives an introduction to the chemistry of catalytic conversion of lignin to high-value products for the biofuel- and chemical industry. Specifically it will address the current status of large-scale catalytic conversion of lignin and identify future perspectives.

Foto: På høyden.

Foto: På høyden.

Date: Tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 7, at 1.15 pm, at Tripletten (3069)


Meet BTO at the Chemistry dept. every first Tuesday of the month!


BTO works to develop innovation and commercialisation of research results in the Bergen region. We help researchers and students develop their innovative idea:

  • Apply for funding to optimize or verify your research results
  • Patenting considerations
  • Establishing contacts with industry
  • Market evaluation
  • Agreements and contracts

About me: I have a PhD from the Department of Clinical Science (K2, UiB) on cancer research with focus on method development, genetics and imaging technology. I have also been involved in biotechnology projects at Uni Research, teaching at Bergen University College, and have experience as a Drilling Fluids Specialist offshore prior to joining the BTO team this year.

I will be present at the Chemistry department every first Tuesday of the month, starting the 6th of December at 12:00. You will find me in the Chem. Adm. office space.

I really look forward to learn about the various research projects at the Department, and I wish to welcome all to come have a chat! BTO might have more to offer than you know, and I hope that my presence will make BTO’s services better known and more accessible to you!

 Elisabeth Silden, PhD (cell. +47 958 87 254)

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