Interesting perspectives on BioFuel

Timg_0477he previously announced half-day seminar on the future of Norwegian biofuel featured a number of interesting talks, with highlights including economical perspectives by Gunnar Eskeland (NHH), the ongoing phasing-in of biofuel in the aviation industry (by the head of Avinor Flesland, Aslak Sverdrup), and research perspectives given by our own Tanja Barth, heavily supported by some of her team members (picture)!

One important take-home message is that Avinor aims to invest 100 MNOK in jet biofuels (2013-2022) and is very much interested in fruitful collaboration with academia and other stakeholders. The work programs for the last leg of Horizon2020 is about to be finalized, with the declaration of intent for renewable fuels for transport and bioenergy made available here. There is large demand for nice chemistry, and our NCP, Tor Ivar Eikaas, states that 60% of the total H2020-funding within this theme is saved for last three years (2018-20).