Doctoral degree award ceremony

This week we have taken part in two dissertation ceremonies at our department, for Kjersti and Coralie. Those of you hanging in to the very end of these events, heard professor Francis state that the evaluation committee had accepted both the presentation and the defence and that the University Board would be notified accordingly. Some may wonder what happens next? The answer to this is the Doctoral degree award ceremony, in which the newly appointed Doctores receive their Latin diploma (with an English translation attached) in a formal ceremony in the University Aula, along with an official transcript that constitutes the authoritative documentation of the PhD degree to be presented when requested later in the career.

Today, there was Doctoral degree award ceremony taking place in the Aula, and three graduates from the Chemistry department received their diplomas: Annette, Festo and Andrey. Present to savor the moment and share in the victories, were their former supervisors (Doctor parents) and Hege ((c) photos)!