Great News I: FRINATEK grant to Deryn Fogg et al.

Prof. Deryn Fogg and partners have won a grant by The Research Council’s funding scheme for independent projects (FRIPRO) for the project: «Water-tolerant catalysis: Boosting chemical biology, medicine, and sustainable chemical manufacturing».

Water-tolerant metal catalysis holds enormous promise for applications in chemical biology, medicine, and sustainable chemical manufacturing. The present project is aimed at developing high-performing, water-tolerant metathesis technologies capable of realizing this promise. A diverse team of experts stand behind the project which unites outstanding experimental and computational strengths in olefin metathesis, in catalyst and ligand design, and in the synthesis of challenging molecular targets that represent highly desirable new drug classes. In addition to the project leader, Prof. Deryn Fogg, local partners are Vidar Jensen, Giovanni Occhipinti, Marco Foscato, Jarl Underhaug and Karl Törnroos. Congratulations to all contributors!