Keep an eye on Energy Lab

Energy Lab is a forum for exchange of information on research results and activities related to renewable energy and energy transition. The Energy Lab hosts weekly informal lunch meetings and larger half-day seminars. These events are free of charge and open to all interested. An overview of scheduled events can be found in the calendar.

Next Tuesday (Jan 8), prof. Martin Fernø (IFT) discusses The role of hydrogen for energy transition – Outlook from UiB, at 12.0013.00 in The Helland-Hansen room, Geophysical Institute, Allegaten 70. To illustrate the nature of the Energy Lab, last year hydrogen was at focus in the following four lunch presentations: Hydrogen som drivstoff i maritim transportHydrogen in JapanHydrogen from waste; and Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Maritime Applications.

Note also that on Jan 15, the topic is how to make synthetic liquid fuels. This is an important research topic also at our department. This event takes place at HVL Campus Kronstad.