Are you ready for autumn?

Autumn is soon upon us and soon it will be a new year. And whether you are planning on spending the rest of your 2019 vacation days under the sun or in the snow, there is one thing you have to do right away: Register your rest-vacation for 2019 in PAGA. It is a requirement that everyone registers their vacation, and it is the general rule that all vacation days has to be taken within the calendar year.

Not sure when you’ll be going or taking days off? Register it now anyway (you can change it later), and avoid running the risk of someone else deciding when you’re going to take days off. You will also be relieved from the stress of being followed up through emails and visits from the administration.

The deadline for registering the rest-vacation days is 15th of November 2019 so please make it a priority. Further information on how to register vacation can be found here (in Norwegian). If you have any questions regarding vacation or the registration of vacation I PAGAWEB, please contact your local HR professional at your department.