Welcome, Dr. Roy!

Dr. Tamal Roy has joined as a postdoc (3 years) in the Le Roux group. He will be working on developing radiotracers based on 45Ti for PET imaging in collaboration with the Bergen Tracer Development Centre (Bergen-TDC) financed by the Trond Mohn foundation. The goal of the project is to develop suitable water soluble and hydrothermally stable 45Ti complexes.

Tamal did his PhD from CSIR-CSMCRI, India in 2014 in the area of synthesis of chiral epoxides and their derivatives. Later he spent several years in Sweden (KTH, Uppsala) and Denmark (Copenhagen) as a postdoctoral researcher. His research experiences include asymmetric catalysis, method developments, organometallic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and development of PET tracers for β cell imaging.