Velkomen Kristoffer!

Kristoffer Herdlevær has accepted a position as research fellow / PhD candidate at our department and will conduct research toward  «Utilization of woody biomass and residues for production of energy products and high-value natural compounds.» This project addresses basic research challenges in the different steps of biomass treatment and use to provide a validated basis for developing a lignocellulosic woody biomass biorefinery that is suitable for the conditions specific to Western Norway. This is a strategic and interdisciplinary PhD project within the UiB priority research area Climate and energy transition
The project constitutes a collaboration between the departments of Chemistry and Biosciences. Kristoffer Herdlevær holds a master’s degree in process technology from UiB. He will be supervised by Tanja Barth (Chemistry) and UNESCO Chair for Sustainable heritage and environmental management Inger Elizabeth Måren (Department of Biosciences).