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NKS Talk and General Assembly

Congrats Dr Sondre!

Today, Sondre Hilmar Hopen Eliasson successfully defended his PhD thesis Mechanistic insight for improved catalytic conversion of fatty acids to linear alpha-olefins. This is his contribution to the ongoing world-wide effort of developing chemical transformations for molecular resources of biological origin into modern commodity and platform chemicals.  Sondre was first exposed to catalysis research in 2010 as part of the Nano100 experience, where he worked with Karl Törnroos to determine the structure of a Ru-based metathesis catalyst. After completing an MSc in nanoscience at the physics department he returned to chemistry and the Jensen laboratory, and today completed the circle by becoming Philosophiae Doctor. Congratulations!

Santa Lucia visits Chemistry

Huge thanks to Louise, Egil, Hege, Marit and possibly others for making such a bright Lucia spot in the middle of a December-gloomy Friday. Totally unexpected, half-mystery invitation, and then the tastiest Lussekatter you ever dug teeth into, and beautiful gitar and song. Thanks again for sharing with your colleagues and adding to the working environment!

Thanks to you

The party organizers would like to thank everyone for a splendid Christmas-pot-luck-party! Thanks to all 61 attendees who joined in singing the Chemistree Carols, contributed to a variety of exciting dishes, and gave your all in the Christmas quiz!

Wishing you a pleasant Christmas celebration and an exciting and challenging new year! Best regards from Eirin, Frida, Louise, Beate, Nina, Markus, Zeeshan and Bengt Erik

Excellent Christmas party!

Yesterday’s chemistry pot-luck Christmas party was great fun and a big success, clearly matching previous year’s events and even surpassing those in attendance! A clever and well-received novelty was to precede the party by an hour of sampling of seasonal products from ABC (the Alchemy/Academic Brewing Company) – thanks guys! Huge thanks are obviously due to Bengt Erik and his crew of organic synthetic chemists: Eirin, Frida, Louise, Beate, Nina, Markus, and Zeeshan. They made such a big effort to the benefit of all of us attending the party and, by facilitating a shared and joyous evening and thus adding to the working environment; to everybody at the department. The variety of tasty dishes was only met by the variety in challenges presented by Quizmaster Bjørn – the photo of the winning team was shot before the virtual nature of the prize was revealed.

InstaChem – a reality!

Thanks to the enthusiasm and know-how of Monica, Karianne and Unni LB, the Department of Chemistry is now proudly launching our own instagram account. The purpose is to attain increased visibility to and interaction with prospective and present students, with glimpses from research and life as a student at our department. Please navigate your browser to and log-in, sign-up, follow or whatever you like. Please also supply Karianne with photos and comments to add to this stream, and cross-post and tag as you see fit.

NKS Nobel-feiring en suksess

Årets Nobelfest ble en stor suksess! Over 30 deltakere stilte for å få med seg det spennende foredraget om årets Nobelprisvinnere i kjemi som førsteamanuensis Yansong Zhao fra Høgskulen på Vestlandet holdt, samt for å ta del i den påfølgende festen med skalldyrsmiddag – eller chili sin carne for dem som ønsket et vegetariansk alternativ – og noe godt i glasset. Det ble god stemning med musikk og Nobelfestquiz etter middagen. Du er hjertelig velkommen til å bli med — om ett år! Fotograferende referent: Beate H.

Dr Wietse!

A very sharp-looking Wietse Smit  successfully defended his thesis Phosphine- and Indenylidene-Based Z-Selective Ruthenium Olefin Metathesis Catalysts and Catalyst Stability: Decomposition, Olefin Isomerization and Regeneration last Friday. Sincere and impressed gratulations!

Join for an evening of Nobel and prawns!

When: 22. November, kl 19.00

Where: Realfagbygget, Tripletten (3069)

CC: 100 kr (members), 200 kr (non-members)

Sign up at:

You are most welcome!

Congrats Dr. Malgorzata!

Last Friday, Malgorzata Anna Wisniewska-Dale successfully and confidently defended her thesis «Characterizing mass transport in hydrogels using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance» for the degree of ph.d. In this project, the freshly minted doctora has focused on structural aspects of hydrogels and how to characterize these experimentally, with potential applications to technologies for controlled release of pharmaceutical compounds.

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