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Skriv populært!

Vi har i det siste fått god drahjelp fra Øystein Rygg Haanæs til å presentere forskinga vår på ein måte som er tilgjengeleg for mange, sjå her og her, og Øystein har fleire historier fra Kjemisk institutt på vei. Det er flott og verdifullt, men likevel er det grenser for kor mykje éin person kan rekke på i samarbeid med dei ulike forskningsgruppene. Kva om vi sjølve kan skrive og publisere i kanalar som når eit breitt publikum i Norge? Kronikkansvarlig ved Forskning.no, Eivind Lauritsen, kjem til Bergen torsdag 16. januar 2020 kl 9-16, for å gi eit Skrivekurs for forskarar.

Slik fluorescerer en oppløsning som inneholder det nyoppdagede plantestoffet auronidin når det holdes under UV-lys. Se forsking.no! (Foto: PNAS, Helge Berland)

Målet er å sette deltakerne i stand til å skrive kronikk eller populærvitenskapelig tekst for avis, blad eller nettsteder som forskning.no og Aftenposten Viten. Alle deltakere må forplikte seg til å sende inn utkast til tekst, som vil bli gjennomgått i løpet av kursdagen. Deltakerne vil få videre oppfølging av teksten etter kurset, med sikte på publisering på forskning.no 

Deltakerne vil lære mer om:  

  • Slik gjør du en tekst interessant. 
  • Språk: Hvordan skrive enkelt om det vanskelige. 
  • Hvordan få leserne gjennom hele artikkelen? 
  • Sjangre. Kronikken, bloggen, nyhetsartikkelen. 
  • Treningsøkter og øvelser. 
  • Tilbakemelding på tilsendte tekster. 
  • Slik møter du journalister. 

Gratis lunsj inkludert. Ingen kursavgift. Spørsmål? Kontakt kommunikasjonsrådgiver Asbjørn LeirvågPåmelding her, med frist fredag 3. januar 2020 – Meld deg på no for å vere sikker på plass!

Are you ready for autumn?

Autumn is soon upon us and soon it will be a new year. And whether you are planning on spending the rest of your 2019 vacation days under the sun or in the snow, there is one thing you have to do right away: Register your rest-vacation for 2019 in PAGA. It is a requirement that everyone registers their vacation, and it is the general rule that all vacation days has to be taken within the calendar year.

Not sure when you’ll be going or taking days off? Register it now anyway (you can change it later), and avoid running the risk of someone else deciding when you’re going to take days off. You will also be relieved from the stress of being followed up through emails and visits from the administration.

The deadline for registering the rest-vacation days is 15th of November 2019 so please make it a priority. Further information on how to register vacation can be found here (in Norwegian). If you have any questions regarding vacation or the registration of vacation I PAGAWEB, please contact your local HR professional at your department.

Students – do you have a clue?

How do we become a zero-emissions society? Are you curious about how you can make an impact on our future?

Do you have any bright ideas on how Norway (and the rest of the world) can become a zero-emissions society? We invite you to a two-day workshop on the 1st and 2nd of November!

Why should you participate?
– Get access to competent mentors
– Build relevant network
– Learn the Design Thinking methodology
– Receive a certificate from HVL, NHH and UIB for participation
– Cash prize for winner with a total of kr. 50 000.

This workshop is an initiative by Universitetet i Bergen, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Høgskulen på Vestlandet HVLand VIS, in conjunction with the launch of Energy Conversion VEST which will be a cluster of knowledge for conversion to a zero-emission society in Bergen. Prizes sponsored by Sparebanken Vest. Visit the event on Facebook for more information.

New incidents with gray silverfish / skjeggkre

The insect gray silverfish (or long-tailed silverfish, in Norwegian: skjeggkre) should now be regarded as an established part of the population at the first and third floors, and by induction, also at the second floor of Realfagsbygget. While completely harmless, this insect multiplies rapidly and it is very difficult to get rid of once you get it into your house. It is therefore recommendable to take some simple precautions. When unpacking goods of any kind in your office or lab, please bring the paper or carton wrapping down to the basement right away. Do not use the paper bin in the mail room. Moreover, clear your floor space from unnecessary clutter, making the whole floor accessible to the cleaning personnel. Do not leave backpacks or bags at your office floor (escpecially over night!) and avoid transporting good hiding places (carton boxes etc) between home and UiB. For more information, see here.

Service Portal project

The University of Bergen is introducing a new system for all types of user inquiries – a single, common service portal for employees and students. The new system will replace the current Issue tracker and will be an information base for user guides and descriptions of procedures. The new service portal is being launched on 11. November 2019, at which point Issue Tracker stops receiving new issues. The main objectives of the new service portal are: A single gateway to administrative services; Information and inquiries in one place; Employees and students get help more quickly; Automation and increased self-service, and Better flow and coordination of cases between divisions

På rektors oppfordring; søk Aker Scholarship

Dette er en super mulighet for alle våre dyktige studenter.

Nettsiden med all informasjon om Aker Scholarship finner dere her: www.akerscholarship.no

Seminar on forensic drug analysis

Aaron Urbas from the National Institute of Standards and Technology will give a seminar on «Combating the New Psychoactive Substance (NPS) Wave with NMR and Raman Spectroscopies»

Tuesday 24th September, 1100-1200



Guest lecture on Material Demand for Energy – Friday Sept 20 @12.15

This Friday, Professor James Metson, University of Auckland, NZ, is visiting Bergen and our department. He will deliver a guest lecture on Materials Demands for Mobility, Energy and Infrastructures for the cities of 2050.
The lecture takes place in Tripletten (3069), at 12.15-13 on Friday September 20. Claim your seat!
In addition to several high-profile rôles including deputy vice chancellor for research and science adviser to the NZ government, Dr. Metson is a PI at MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. His field of expertise is surface chemistry and material science, and he holds a particular interest in the processing and behavior of aluminium oxide. His wider research interests include:
  • Metal oxides, hydroxides and nitrides in catalysis, semiconductor materials, absorbents and refractories
  • Synchrotron radiation and applications in surface and materials science.
  • Alumina microstructure and the impacts of alumina properties in aluminium reduction technology.
Abstract of the talk:  The constraints of materials availability, supply line security and social licence demand a change of thinking in how we assess the optimal solutions for the cities of the future. Materials with high embodied energies or challenging supply lines are only viable if they are readily recycled at low energy cost.  This favours the top of the periodic table and survivors such as aluminium and steel whereas most plastics and even Portland cement become increasingly challenging.

Flott profilering i Aftenposten Viten

FOTO: Shutterstock/NTB scanpix

Evakuering 3.9

Brannalarmen i dag skyldes at det var kraftig røykutvikling fra kantine-kjøkkenet i 2.etasje.

Vi oppfordrer alle som evakueres til å trekke lengre unna utgangspartiene når vi evakuerer bygget. Brannvesenet måtte inspisere før vi slapp inn igjen.


The fire alarm today was due to accident and heavy smoke from the cafeteria-kitchen in 2.floor.

We kindly ask all employees and students to move further away from the doors (and building) when evacuated.


Ole Tumyr – brukeransvarlig


Hildegunn Almelid – vara brukeransvarlig


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